By Jennifer Meek, Director of Marketing for Charlotte Products

We are pleased to announce that our ALLORGANIC® USDA Certified Organic Hand Soap Program has been named the winner of the 2022 Industry Innovation Choice Award by ISSA in the Cleaning Agents Category. We’ve been a pioneer in green and sustainable cleaning products since 1996, and our USDA certified organic hand soap is once again leading the greener way, this time in commercial handwashing programs. 

The ISSA Innovation Award is an annual international program recognizing the professional cleaning industry’s advancements that make an impact in the commercial, institutional and residential cleaning community. Each year, the award is unveiled at the ISSA North America trade show. The annual ISSA Innovation Award Program took place online at from July 1, 2022 to October 12, 2022. During that time, industry professionals, distributors, end users, facility providers, residential cleaning professionals and manufacturers’ reps selected the most innovative offerings from 32 entries in four unique categories. Participants had the option to vote for one product in each category.

The ALLORGANIC® USDA Certified Organic Hand Soap Program is the first organic certified hand soap in the commercial space. Not only is the product itself certified organic, but the facility where the hand soap is manufactured is also a USDA certified organic facility.  We set out to create a hand soap that is safer for human health and the environment and achieved that goal with the ALLORGANIC® USDA Certified Organic Hand Soap Program. The product is the highest quality hand soap, formulated in accordance with the USDA National Organic Program. This means following production methods that foster responsible resource use, promote ecological balance and conserve biodiversity. Only the safest ingredients possible are used in the manufacture of this product, which ensures the health and safety of all occupants of a facility and is critical in promoting infection prevention.

At Charlotte Products, we are constantly pushing the envelope to discover more sustainable methods of manufacturing and that is why we decided to mold our own bottles for packaging of the ALLORGANIC® hand soap. We partnered with a manufacturing facility across the street from our existing chemical manufacturing facility to make packaging for the ALLORGANIC® Hand Soap Program, ensuring uninterrupted supply and significantly reducing carbon footprint by eliminating freight. Our energy efficient process aligns with the philosophy of the product, as does our Touchless Dispensing System, which prevents cross contamination and promotes infection prevention. 

This is Charlotte Products’ third ISSA Innovation Award since 2018. The  Enviro-Solutions® Terrazzo/Concrete Floor Care Program won the award in the cleaning agents category in 2018. In 2019, our Optisolve Surface Imaging Technology won the ISSA Innovation Award in the Services and Technology category. 

Learn more about the ALLORGANIC® USDA Certified Organic Hand Soap Program, or contact an expert at Charlotte Products to get your questions answered.