By Jennifer Meek, Director of Marketing for Charlotte Products

If there’s anything we can all agree on as we reflect on the COVID-19 pandemic it is that hand washing is as important as ever. Practicing consistent hand hygiene has always been one of the most impactful steps we can take in preventing infection. That’s why we are so pleased to introduce our new hand hygiene program focused on providing safe, healthy products and educational materials that make hand hygiene accessible and safe.

Early on in the pandemic a massive demand for hand soap and sanitizer created supply shortages across the globe. This led to a multitude of temporary hand sanitizer producers saturating the industry using temporary licenses, without much regulation. Poor quality products flooded the market, creating new health risks as the public scrambled to find hand soap and sanitizer as fast as possible. As we noticed the unsafe hand sanitizer products flooding the market, we got to work creating an innovative solution that would provide facilities with safer hand hygiene products they could rely on.

Handwashing Products

Our hand hygiene program includes five products: an unscented foaming hand soap, scented foaming hand soap, foaming hand sanitizer and a gel hand sanitizer and coming soon our USDA Certified Organic foaming hand soap. These Products are offered in our Enviro-Solutions® brand for the janitorial industry and ServClean® for our foodservice and hospitality industry.

We are thrilled to soon be able to offer certified organic hand soap. In order to claim a product as organic, it must contain a minimum of 95% organic ingredients, while the 5% of the nonorganic products must be on the approved national list and not commercially available as organic. Our organic hand soap will be produced in our USDA organic certified facility, which means that we have preserved the integrity of organic ingredients and products by preventing commingling with non-organic ingredients and products throughout processing.

No-Touch Dispensers Make the Difference

Our hand washing products come with proprietary dispensers that we have specially designed to promote a healthier approach to hand washing. Research has shown time and time again that touch-free soap dispensers promote safer operation. That’s why we designed compact, no-touch soap and sanitizer dispensers to complement our hand washing products. We included the important features needed to ensure these no-touch dispensers remain consistent and promote efficiencies. We have made sure the sensors are automated and reliable, and a visible LED indicator light signals operation and low battery. A visual site window makes it easy to see when hand soap is running low and promotes efficient labor. 

Education Is Key

We believe that education is key to safer, healthier spaces. All of our hand hygiene products come with posters and signage to help educate building occupants on proper, safe hand washing techniques. We also provide educational literature, training programs and offerings for you to use to train your end users and building occupants on proper, safe handwashing techniques. Our educational materials and free program resources include:

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