Carpeting and Entrance Matting Looking Tired and Worn Out?

Upon us again, the time of year when the snow, salt and ice accumulate and track deep into and throughout our buildings and facilities.

Ice melters and rock salt will leave a white powdery film on surfaces causing the dulling of floors, damage to carpeting, an increase in slip and fall incidents and the corrosive nature of both will cause damage to door tracks and sliders creating avoidable and expensive repairs.
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Kawartha Local retailer invents 50-km product lifestyle

Kawartha Local retailer invents 50-km product lifestyle

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Disinfectants Where Children Are Present

Many medical facilities that believe the spread of containments from floor areas to other surfaces is minimal may still use basic disinfectants to clean their floors. However, in areas frequented by children, these basic disinfectants should be replaced with hospital-grade disinfectants.  Where and when necessary, disinfectants that are specific to any pathogen threats that may be present should be selected.

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Floor Contamination Issues

While facility administrators and cleaning experts believe that when it comes to stopping the spread of contamination, greatest attention should be paid to “high-touch” areas such as railings, light switches, elevator controls, countertops, chair handles, and bed railings, and less attention is required for floor areas. The reasoning is simple: floor areas are least likely to be touched by hands.

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