Myths and Realities About VOCs

As an employee of a manufacturer of green cleaning products―many of which contain significantly reduced amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) ―it might come as a surprise that I must admit the following: not all VOCs are harmful. Assuming that all VOCs are harmful is one of several misconceptions about VOCs. While some of these negative perceptions are indeed warranted, some are not.

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HAIs and Green Cleaning

Hospitals and other medical facilities throughout Canada and the United States continue to be concerned about hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). In Canada, there are approximately 220,000 cases of HAIs reported each year, which translates to about one in nine people becoming infected.

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Addressing odour challenges in washrooms

Regardless of facility type, keeping restrooms odour-free is a common challenge.

A variety of factors can impact washroom smells, including the age of the restroom, type and amount of ventilation, temperature, and cleaning frequency, processes and products used.

Since structural components are more difficult to change, proper cleaning is the best way to keep restroom odours under control.

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