By Jennifer Meek, Director of Marketing for Charlotte Products Ltd

Our goal here at Charlotte has always been to educate. We call it “knowledge transfer” because the way we see it, our team has the experience and knowledge about how to effectively and safely use our products, and we want to transfer that knowledge to those who will be using the products out in the world. When we do that successfully, everyone wins. It’s how we ensure safer, healthier spaces for all. 

Our pursuit of knowledge transfer is what drove our commitment to opening The Jim Flieler Training Center here in Peterborough this spring. This 10,000 square foot facility is now open for customized training sessions for our distributors and their end users, free of charge. We are offering training at the facility, as well as virtual training customized just for your team. 

The facility has been designed with training in mind. We have installed a commercial kitchen and dispenser training room that features a 3-sink wash system, lavo dispensers and hydro dispensers. We also have a carpet care training room, a restroom care training room and a warehouse training room on site. 

The webinar room is fully equipped to produce high quality virtual seminars, podcasts and of course, the popular Charlotte Products Webinar Series. Having the ability to produce virtual programming was very important for us from the start. Like most businesses, we struggled when the pandemic first hit to connect with and educate our customers. At first, we were focused on making cleaning products to keep up with demand, but that wasn’t enough. Our passion is to educate our customers and their customers on how to properly use these products and how to ensure safe and healthy public spaces. That’s why we began rolling out webinars to bring knowledge to our end users in the absence of opportunity to meet in person. Those webinars were very popular, and we noticed that they filled a need with our customers and end users who were looking for connection and knowledge.

Our product distributors have access to the building, which means that they have the confidence to bring their customers here or to set up a virtual meeting with us. We will tailor our training specifically to exactly what the specific end user needs to know, based on type of facility, job, product and concern. Reach out to your sales rep, and we will schedule the training and begin developing a customized program. 

We are very grateful to our vendor sponsors who helped to make the Jim Flieler Training Center possible. Many donated money and equipment to help complete the project.