By Jennifer Meek, Director of MArketing for Charlotte Products Ltd.

Facilities are reopening across the globe, and as we unlock the doors and turn on the lights, many of our customers have new questions for us. These questions mostly concern how to stay open safely while the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a concern. Facilities are facing many new restrictions, including occupancy allowances, social distancing measures, inspections from local authorities, not to mention a labor shortage. We’ve taken the opportunity to assemble a list of resources that might help your organization answer questions that pertain to specific areas of your facility reopening plan below. Bookmark the links to these videos to be used in your next staff meeting or training session to help your team brush up on the important processes needed to reopen your buildings safely.

Carpet care

As buildings reopen, carpeting needs attention. Start with our Carpet Care Cleaning and Disinfecting video to learn how you can regularly maintain your carpets to not only make your buildings look beautiful, but to keep them safe and healthy for your occupants. Watch now.

Dishwashing programs

How are you making sure you are cleaning and sanitizing the dishes in your facility correctly? As restaurants are open in some capacity to diners, and as healthcare facilities and schools feed their building occupants, clean and sanitized dishes are very important. Brush up on your dishwashing system with this demo video, How to Properly Use Your 3 Bay Sink.

Drain care

Drains in buildings have been sitting dormant, which can lead to some serious problems as facilities reopen. Drain issues are a major source of odor, and can also lead to flooding and water damage.  View one of our popular webinars on Drain Care, Grease Traps and Preventative Treatments.

Equipment care 

You must flush and disinfect your equipment, especially if it has been sitting unused while your building was not open. Check out this short demo video on how to care for your mechanized cleaning equipment to help prepare your machinery for reopening. Watch now.

Restroom and washroom care

We created a webinar on Restroom Efficiencies and another one on Safe Distance Washroom Cleaning that are worth revisiting as you prepare your building to welcome back the public. Restrooms are any visitor’s main judgment area, which means that your restrooms must be sparkling clean if you want to present a healthy, safe and welcoming building. 

Our database of Infection Prevention resources is intended to provide answers, tools and resources for facilities navigating the pandemic and looking for science-based answers to their questions about how to clean effectively and safely to prevent the spread of infection. 

At Charlotte Products, we believe that it is our duty to transfer our knowledge. While we manufacture cleaning products, we also believe we must educate our customers and their customers on the right way to use these cleaning products to create healthy and safe spaces. That is why we are constantly producing resources aimed at training and educating cleaning workers on how to prevent the spread of infection. We hope this list of videos and resources is helpful to you and your facility as we all navigate these uncertain times together.

As always, if you have a specific question do not hesitate to reach out to your Charlotte Products expert to find out more at