For this series of blogs, we sat down with some of Charlotte’s team members to talk to them about their work and what drives their passion for creating healthier spaces. This week we had the chance to speak with Charlotte Operations & Customer Service Manager Ross Beattie about all that he oversees here at Charlotte.

Can you tell us about your career path until now?

I’ve always been a productions man. I’ve worked in manufacturing for many different products, making polyurethane foam, automotive parts, corrugation and CD/Blu Rays before joining the Charlotte team seven years ago. I’ve really enjoyed learning these different industries and  starting fresh with something new every so often to keep my career interesting. The great thing about working at Charlotte is that we are producing different things every day. We make between 300 and 400 different products, so I can get that starting-fresh feeling here all within the same company!

Can you tell us a little bit about what do you do with Charlotte?

I am the operations manager, which includes overseeing production, shipping and receiving, inventory levels, transportation logistics, purchasing and customer service. (In my free time, I sleep!) I spend a lot of my day making sure our warehouses in Peterborough and Chicago have the right stock, that inventory is being bought and that production is running smoothly.

What is your favorite part of the job?

I enjoy the challenge of continuous improvement, while ensuring everything is running as efficiently as possible.  With so many moving parts, no two days are alike. The customer service side is very fulfilling, because we have a great team together and are always working to exceed our customers’ expectations.

How do you deal with all of the challenges of your job?

I’m a firm believer in knowing the process first hand. I’m one of those guys who likes to dig in and see what everyone is going through. At Charlotte Products, we are committed to finding solutions to our end users’ pain points. Understanding their challenges is key. I walk through it and go through the pain points of our customers with them, and look at what each department is dealing with, too. I guess you could say I like getting hurt! But understanding these pain points helps us do our jobs better, and ultimately allows us to identify better solutions.

What is working at Charlotte like?

The atmosphere here really allows you to excel. I don’t do well under a tight regime, so the Charlotte culture is perfect for someone like me. It’s an open and supportive place. Even though we are getting bigger, we still feel like a family.  

This interview is part of a series of expert interviews we will be conducting with the passionate team members here at Charlotte. If you’d like to learn more about what we are doing or to connect with one of our experts, please email us at