By Jim Flieler

Imagine you’re in charge of cleaning the floors at an International airport that has millions of travelers each year hurrying through its chaotic corridors. Now imagine you are using the incorrect chemistry or even water to keep those floors shiny. Visualize all those people rushing through across those sleek floors carrying their luggage, food, juice, coffee, eating or hydrating before a long flight.

Does this scenario make you as nervous as it makes me? Whenever I’m in an airport, all I can think about are the slip-and-fall issues I’m seeing everywhere I turn. (And I’m in airports quite a lot because I travel weekly, and I often perform floor care facility assessments for airports too. That means I’m thinking about these floors all the time.)

Now imagine it’s time to strip and refinish your airport floors. Tell me: When is it convenient to shut down a section of your airport to take care of the floors? Never.

Terrazzo/Concrete Care Is Primed for Use in Airports

That’s where a simple, innovative solution comes in. Our award-winning line of Concrete and Terrazzo care is an innovative game changer. It does not require the extensive labour or upkeep of traditional programs, There is no need to ever deep strip, deep scrub, seal or apply polymer floor finishes on these surface again! Imagine no more need to close off public areas to passengers for long periods of time. How about the risk of slip and fall? Running and rushing travelers will be more sure-footed and your risk of slip-and-fall injuries is reduced dramatically.

This innovative program is simple to implement. Use our exclusive diamond honing floor pad along with our exclusive Enviro Solutions ES37 Cleaner, Maintainer, Polish Cleaner to dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to maintain these floors. There’s no need to inconvenience those already-inconvenienced travelers for long periods of time.

Let’s talk about budgets. Expect up to 60% labour savings over traditional methods. This is quite simply your best R.O.I. addressing your highest area of spend.

Here are some more benefits of this program for taking care of floors in all facilities, and especially airports:

  • Continue to enhance floor appearance with regular scrubbing and burnishing.
  • No expensive/specialized capital equipment required.
  • Use YOUR existing floor scrubber and burnishing equipment.
  • Use your current custodial staff members/Eliminates the need for specialized labour.
  • Improve employee wellness and indoor air quality by eliminating the use of harsh chemicals.
  • Improve your sustainable footprint by reducing chemical usage, one time use of grinding discs, lower energy consumption and battery charging cycles.
  • Reduce sewage effluent discharge and the amount of waste sent to landfill.
  • Extend the life of your flooring substrate by reducing the pitting damage caused from harsh chemistry and grinding processes.
  • Reduce the number of black marks transferred from footwear to floors.

Terrazzo Is Everywhere

More and more airports are opting for the durable, sustainable flooring substrate of terrazzo when they renovate or expand their facilities. Preferred by architects who specialize in airport design because of its flexibility, seamless surface and ability to feature public art or easy directions for travelers, terrazzo is only going to be used in more airport renovations going forward.  For example, the airport in Huntsville, AL, which is home to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and host to heavy foot traffic year round, recently expanded its baggage claim area and they chose terrazzo flooring. The Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport, where millions of business people fly into from all across the world every day to visit the global headquarters for Walmart, wanted to update its facilities as part of a sustainability effort. They chose terrazzo flooring in the restrooms, entranceway and lobby of the airport.

As more and more airports are catching onto the benefits of terrazzo flooring, those of us in the cleaning industry are poised to see some relief in our labour, cost, environmental footprint and safety concerns as we can adapt the low-maintenance programs like Charlotte’s Terrazzo and Concrete care program. Think of all those happy, safer travelers rushing along gleaming terrazzo floors!

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