Cost and care of concrete /terrazzo substrates is at an all time high.

The use of regular polymer coatings on terrazzo is losing ground due to the durability, labour costs, deep stripping required, chemicals required and overall end user satisfaction, It appears this original 1960’s technology may have run it course?

The introduction of the “grinding process” is gaining ground but not without it’s issues and end user dissatisfaction.

First, it is a very specialized process requiring the use of expensive specialized equipment and skilled labour, which increases the cost. Also, required are expensive grinding discs, chemistry and miscellaneous supplies.

Labour is the most expensive contributing factor. The ISSA reports that labour contributes to approximately 90% of the cost and these grinding processes are extremely labour intensive.

Additionally, there is the lack of custodial skillset/labour for these specialized processes. If done incorrectly, one can cause permanent damage to the flooring substrate.

Lastly, there is a negative overall look or appearance of the floor and facility. The flooring substrate will be a 10 /10 immediately following the process. Due to the specialized care and regular maintenance required, they quickly lose the shine failing to satisfy facility clients the majority of the time.

Two common issues are, over promising a long lasting end result and the return on investment, which is  not as good as advertised.

So what should we do? We are glad you asked… There must be an easier way??

We want you to consider this: “Never strip, deep scrub, seal or apply finish on your terrazzo flooring again”.

Sound to good to be true?  It is not!

Our expertise is developing and manufacturing innovative products and the ability to transfer the industry knowledge to our end users.

We have developed a brand new innovative process that ensures your best possible results and return on investment:

  • It utilizes your existing equipment and existing labour and their skill set
  • It is simple, will continue to improve the look of your floors with regular auto scrubbing
  • Ability to increase this shine with simple low cost burnishing if desired
  • It will improve your overall contribution to sustainability.
  • It consists 3 innovative product
    • ES35 Restoration Cleaner- a one time only cleaner that prepares the foundation
    • ES36 Nano Substrate Densifier- a one time Nano densifier that hardens and strengthens your flooring substrates and helps prevent staining
    • ES37 Cleaner/Maintainer/Polisher- an everyday economical cleaner that continues to clean and enhance the shine
  • The above products are complimented with our exclusive, innovative diamond pads that guarantee impressive results.


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