Proper Dispensing and Dilution Control System selection supports your business by promoting health and safety, lowering your costs, address environmental concerns, provide total operator convenience and increase productivity.

Dispensing systems evolved in our industry for facilities that used enormous amounts of cleaning products, however today dispensing systems are an important component to cleaning programs of all sizes. Choosing the right dispensing system that suits the needs of the facility is the first step in a successful and sustainable cleaning program.

Consider the following benefits of using dispensing and dilution control systems:


  • No chemical contact packaging, reduces employee exposure to concentrate chemical and fumes
  • Latest E-Gap/Flex Gap designed back-flow eductors. Back-flow prevention device eliminates possibility of chemicals re-entering the water supply
  • Full compliance with all plumbing codes
  • Reduces heavy lifting
  • Locking cabinets or racks available
  • Colour coding/numerical ID of all products to match labels for both concentrate and RTU. All trilingual (English/French/Spanish)



  • Concentrates provide reduction of up to 75% of packaging materials, thereby providing less landfill impact
  • Concentrates reduce total shipping weight for freight
  • Less energy used in transportation (98% less versus shipping RTU)
  • Concentrates “closed system” packaging prevents degassing in the janitorial closets. The off-gas can be then circulated throughout a building if they enter the facility’s HVAC system which in turn leads to indoor air pollution



  • Estimated 25-65% savings over “Free Pour”
  • Accurate dilution every time
  • Consistently mix cleaning chemicals to the dilutions required for optimal performance and sanitation
  • Eliminates over-rich chemical dilutions that leave residue that pollutes the area and out gases
  • Eliminates under-use of chemicals which leads to more work, more time, possible injury, and lack of proper sanitation, sanitizing or disinfecting
  • Faster fill rate saves labor
  • Compact 1.89L (0.50 gal) or 2.0L (0.52 gal) size or labor & cost saving 4.73L (1.25 gal)
  • A clean and healthy environment will improve employee productivity and quality which in turn, bolsters a company’s bottom-line



  • Simple to use
  • Versatile dilution rates (on most systems)
  • Quick, easy hook ups
  • Low flow for trigger bottles or high flow for bucket/scrubber fill
  • Fresh water supply on demand
  • Easy-to-view level indicators
  • Product selection at the turn of a dial (on most systems)
  • One-hand bottle fill and one-hand bucket fill, making it easier and more efficient for the user to dispense cleaning solutions
  • Likely will be used as frequently and at proper dilutions as products should. This will increase the effectiveness of your cleaning program.


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Ask your Charlotte Products Sales Representative or Distributor for assistance with a dispensing and dilution control system that is right for you.