Written by Paige Daley, Associate Marketing Manager for Optisolve

Sustainable Cleaning Tools

How Do Commercial Cleaners Harm the Environment?

  • Unsustainable cleaning products: Cleaning product production processes are often unsustainable. A commercial cleanser’s supply chain also requires a significant amount of energy, which leads to the emission of greenhouse gasses and contributes to climate change. 
  • Water Consumption: Additionally, the production of commercial cleaners requires a lot of water, which can strain water resources in areas with limited water availability.
  • Paper consumption: Many commercial cleaners still rely on large volumes of paper products for their cleaning and verification processes. This contributes to unnecessary landfill waste and overconsumption of Earth’s natural resources.
  • Wasteful Verification Processes: Common cleaning verification systems, such as the ATP-based system, rely on unsustainable materials and supplies that cannot be recycled or composted.

3 Sustainable Cleaning Tools Your Business Needs

Sustainable Cleaning Tools

2. Paper-Free Cleaning Verification and Management Processes

3. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Verification Systems

Environmentally Friendly Verification: Surface Imaging Technology

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