By Jennifer Meek, Director of Marketing at Charlotte Products Ltd

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Green Economy Peterborough, a local network that helps its members set and achieve sustainability goals. Through coaching, educational opportunities, peer networking, and celebration events, Green Economy Peterborough helps members make reductions in emissions, water and waste, and engage in other sustainable business practices. We are thrilled for the opportunity to be a part of this network. This is an exciting opportunity for us to learn from our peers and experts in the field on how to be more sustainable and to help strengthen the community where we live and do business. 

Charlotte Products has made cleaning for health and environmental sustainability a core value of our business for the over 36 years. We have grown into a global leader for sustainable cleaning innovation by developing healthy cleaning products with less toxic raw ingredients, implementing measures to reduce energy and supporting health, and providing education and environmental initiatives at our headquarters in Peterborough. The partnership with Green Economy Peterborough will allow us to learn from our community and other sustainably minded businesses so that we can continue to grow as a company. 

Here at Charlotte, we are committed to education and the transfer of knowledge. Our partnership with Green Economy Peterborough will provide us with even more resources and knowledge that we will share with our end users, customers and partners in the field. We are very excited to be working with Green Economy Peterborough and Green Economy Canada to learn even more about increased measurement, targets and public reporting to inspire and educate our customers and partners on how they can join this journey for the good of all.

Green Economy Peterborough is part of an innovative, award-winning national network of Green Economy Hubs. There are more than 300 business leaders involved in this network. Learn more about Green Economy Peterborough and all that it is doing to help make Peterborough a healthier, more sustainable place to live and work.