Matt Strano, CEO Charlotte Products Ltd

As we look ahead to a new year, we continue to strive for a cleaner and safer future for our buildings, our people and our environment. With that shared goal in mind, we have officially launched Charlotte Services, a comprehensive program designed to elevate your cleaning program to the next level. Charlotte Services helps to address the unique productivity and profitability challenges of our customers – while always keeping employees and customers in mind.

The Charlotte Services program is a four-step program conducted in partnership with you, led by our team of experts. We take you and your team through each step so that our assessments and recommendations are tailored specific to your cleaning program and facility.

Step 1: Assessment

During step 1, we leverage our decades of knowledge and experience to conduct an independent assessment and analysis of your facility including specific areas and surface types, cleaning processes and products. Our review is comprehensive with an emphasis on opportunities related to productivity and wellness. We look at current schedules, current processes, current product use – and more.

Step 2: Recommendations

Next, we take our findings and make recommendations around cleaning, productivity, and wellness – sometimes just a small tweak to what you’re already doing, sometimes big changes to your processes.

Step 3: Implement + Measure

We place great importance on our ability to translate findings from the assessment and recommendations steps into impactful outcomes. Perhaps most importantly, we will establish measurable targets for future ROI reporting. Activities may include:

  • Training and online learning and accreditation programs
  • Optisolve SAVI quality management and reporting system
  • Optisolve Pathfinder surface imaging technology
  • Geotab fleet telematics platform

Step 4: Evolve

Transferring knowledge to our customers is one of our key pillars. We will engage with you on our R&D initiatives as well as product and market trends. We become a trusted resource and member of your team. We also provide crisis support so you can leverage our in-house expertise to ensure peace of mind in times of need.

We have been in the business of cleaning for more than half a century and creating value via knowledge transfer is one of the key benefits we bring as a partner. We’ve always considered ourselves a true partner with our customers. Now, with the launch of Charlotte Services, we are able to bring that partnership to the next level. 
Our unique and innovative service offerings help to increase labour efficiency, elevate the wellness of your people, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce product waste – all through the power of clean! Contact an expert to learn more about Charlotte Services or call 1-877-745-2880 to get started today.