By Jim Flieler, VP of Sales for Charlotte Products

We are pleased to add a hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant to our product offerings. Enviro-SolutionsⓇ ES21 Enhanced Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectant is a ready-to-use disinfectant that was designed for use in facilities that require no fragrances or dyes. This product has been formulated with infection prevention and efficiency in mind, and comes with broad-spectrum kill claims and short dwell times. This is a robust product that has been formulated to strike a careful balance between infection prevention needs and the health and safety of building occupants and the environment.

Short and Effective Dwell Times

One of the five critical security elements of disinfecting is dwell time. Dwell time, also called contact time, is the amount of time the disinfectant needs to remain wet on a surface to properly disinfect. This is the time that it takes for the disinfectant product to achieve the kill claims on the label. Dwell time is one of the most important aspects of infection prevention, but also a common source of frustration when it comes to time management for cleaning workers. 

We understand that busy facility managers are always looking for ways to maximize efficiency, and any time that can be cut on a process, without sacrificing cleanliness or infection prevention, is invaluable. That’s why we made it our mission to create a disinfectant with short, manageable dwell times. ES21 is effective against SARS-COV2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) in 60 seconds. It also has a 60-second non-food contact sanitizing claim. The dwell time against most microorganisms, including norovirus, is just 3 minutes. Compare this to the common 10-minute dwell time of other disinfectants, and you lower your labor costs by as much as 70% and an efficiency boosting product.

Health and Safety Considerations

We developed ES21 with hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient because we wanted to provide an alternative to quat-based disinfectants. As an innovative formulator, we are always looking at supporting the needs of all market segments with disinfectants that are highly effective at killing microorganisms while having the least impact on human health, especially if overused. Hydrogen peroxide is very efficacious and is a good alternative for those with sensitivities. 

Many buildings with sensitive populations, such as healthcare facilities, processing plants and schools, will also have restrictions on dyes and fragrances. ES21 has been formulated with no fragrance and no dyes to ensure that facilities with sensitive populations can use the product without bothering their inhabitants. This also makes the product a great choice in food establishments, where fragrances can interfere with customer experience. 

Additional Benefits of ES21

While we believe that the high effectiveness, shorter dwell times and safety considerations of hydrogen peroxide as an active ingredient are the most important benefits of ES21, we have also identified additional advantages to this product. Some of these additional benefits include: 

  • Shorter dwell times compared to most disinfectants
  • Labor savings directly related with cleaning and disinfecting procedures
  • Employee wellness, addresses sensitivities to fragrances
  • Ready and easy to use and convenient
  • Easy for total facility use, including break rooms and employee workstations 
  • No fragrance and no dye will help lower respiratory issues and complaints
  • Reassurance of all employees using correct PPM
  • Excellent disinfectant claims
  • Will clean and brighten grouting,and remove severe carpet stains such as urine and red wine  

If you follow the Five Critical Security Elements of Disinfection and use this ready-to-use product with a pump up sprayer, you also attain labor savings and ergonomic wellness for your employees. Learn more about ES21 online or by contacting an expert at Charlotte