Since cannabis was legalized in Canada in 2018, marijuana has contributed more than $43 billion to the country’s gross domestic product. To say it is a growing industry in Canada, and across North America in general, might even be an understatement.  As more and more manufacturers have been getting in on the adult-use marijuana market, they have faced their own unique set of challenges that come along with the cannabis processing. Here at Charlotte, we have been able to use our expertise in finding safe and effective chemistry to help serve the cannabis industry and bring our commitment to clean, healthy spaces to cannabis processing plants, dispensaries and even personal home use.

One of the challenges that has plagued the cannabis industry has been the pervasive accumulation of resin residue on equipment. Resin is a thick, brown, sticky substance that is found in the cannabis plant. It is prized by some in the field of cannabis production for its concentrated amount of medical and psychoactive properties, however it can be very difficult to clean it up! 

Manufacturers and processing plans in the cannabis industry often struggle in the upkeep of their expensive equipment as it can become easily clogged with resin residue. Cannabis processing plants often have heavy blades that are used to cut up cannabis buds. The resin residue then sticks to the blades, making them less effective. The resin residue also sticks to cannabis related paraphernalia, making them hard to maneuver and less effective. That’s because resin is very thick and sticky, a notoriously stubborn substance to remove from machinery as well as in cannabis tools in the home. 

Unfortunately, there haven’t been many options for home use or industrial processing of cannabis. A few products available in the retail market have claimed to be able to remove resin, but are not available in a commercial capacity. Additionally, many of these products had been known to be ineffective at removing large amounts of resin build-up and are expensive because they are only available in RTU for retail purchase. Alternatively, commercial product choices that are strong enough to be used against resin include traditional degreasers, which come with aggressive chemicals or are alcohol-based and corrosive to equipment.

When we heard from leaders in the cannabis industry about how difficult resin makes the processing of cannabis, we decided to tap our chemistry experts to see if we could come up with a better solution. We knew that, considering the growth of the cannabis industry in Canada, a well-designed commercial product that could safely and effectively remove resin would be a help to the cannabis industry, as well as the consumer. 

Our ServCleanⓇ Resin Remover easily removes resin and cannabis deposits from machinery, surfaces and home tools. For best results follow these steps:

  • Remove any excess debris from the surface before using this product.
  • Apply the product and allow it to dwell for 5-10 minutes. Agitate if necessary with a nylon brush and rinse with cool water.
  • When using on food contact surfaces, thoroughly rinse all treated surfaces with potable water. Avoid contamination of food when using this product.

The product is available in a18.9L pails, 208L drums, 1050L totes, gallon bottles, or smaller 946 ml bottles. It is ideal for use by dispensaries, processing plants and even personal use. Contact an expert at Charlotte Products to learn more about our Resin Remover and other products we have available to help support the growing cannabis industry in North America.