By Andrew Knopp, Regional Sales Manager, Charlotte Products

Our Refined Concrete and Terrazzo Floor Care Program sets the standard in polished concrete and terrazzo floor care. End users who have implemented this program have achieved dramatic results. Not only do their floors look better, but this program has also helped facilities to reduce labor costs, improve employee wellness and achieve sustainability goals. 

We believe that using terrazzo and concrete flooring and caring for these floors properly is the right thing to do for employees and for the environment. Plus, with terrazzo and polished concrete floors comprising the majority of floors throughout nearly all facility sectors, from major transportation hubs, to schools, retail sites and warehouses, the need for better care for these substrates has never been greater. 

We wanted to make sure our award-winning Enviro-Solutions® Concrete and Terrazzo Floor Care Program would be accessible to as many facilities as possible. So, we refined the program with new, customizable options to help end users reach their floor care goals.  Learn more about these updates and their benefits below. We are also offering in-person assessments to help facilities find the right options for their specific needs. Contact us today to schedule your assessment. 

Quick Start Routine Maintenance Program

Our award-winning Enviro-Solutions® Terrazzo and Concrete Floor Care Program now features a Quick Start Routine Maintenance Program to kick your floor care maintenance into high gear quickly and with minimal changes to your existing processes. All you need is one product and one pad, and you can use it with your existing equipment to completely revamp your floor care regimen. 

New benefits of the Quick Start Program include:

  • One simplified routine maintenance program specific to polished concrete and terrazzo floors
  • Onsite facility assessment
  • No specialized equipment needed (i.e., floor grinders or slurry vacuums)
  • Simple procedure guidelines
  • Cost calculators to help determine square footage costs

Go Deeper with Customized Restoration Programs

Take the complexity out of how to refurbish and maintain polished concrete and terrazzo floors with our unique Restoration Program with three different levels. By combining our unique diamond pad technology and polished concrete and terrazzo specific restoration cleaner and substrate densifier you can now provide a full restoration program to your current custodial staff and building services contractors.

Benefits of the Restoration Programs include:

  • Onsite facility assessment to help determine which level of restoration is needed, if any
  • Training videos on each Restoration Level
  • Three simplified Restoration Levels specific to your facility’s needs and wants

After your floors are restored to their original gloss levels, we then give you the option of protecting your investment by offering two innovative, stain protecting chemicals that will prolong the life of your newly refined concrete and terrazzo floors

Answering a Call for Innovation

Looking into the future of the cleaning industry, we understand that there is a call for more innovative solutions and efficient solutions as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. Here at Charlotte, we are always looking at ways to make it easier to lower the risk of outbreak and help end users across the globe. We know our users have tighter budgets and increased responsibilities in this new reality. These updated offerings to our Terrazzo and Concrete Floor Care Program are available to end users at all types of facilities to help meet these increased demands. Learn more about our program or schedule your site assessment today.