By Jennifer Meek, Director of Marketing 

Milestones matter here at Charlotte Products. We are lucky to have a team who enjoys working together and tends to stay with us for a very long time. This month, we would like to congratulate Dave Jones, Purchasing + Inventory Manager, on his 15th year with Charlotte. 

Dave was hired as a temporary employee on the production line almost 18 years ago. His hard work earned him a full time spot in our production department within three years, where he worked in production on the lines before moving onto the mixing floor. After that he moved to material staging, then production scheduling before becoming a supervisor. From there, Dave started working with our R&D team. Now, in his current position as Purchasing + Inventory Manager, Dave is responsible for procurement, ERP system maintenance and managing all inventory in our warehouse. 

Dave has always been a team player who is eager to help his colleagues. He’s the type of person who gives his all and will do whatever it takes to meet our team’s shared goals. This year, that was shipping cleaning products to as many people across the globe as possible to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. It was an important job, and Dave rose to the challenge. Dave helped our team meet an increased demand for products by thinking creatively about how to streamline our production process and rely on relationships to troubleshoot supply issues with the raw ingredients and packaging materials that were running low during the highest demands.

While we are still practicing physical distancing and remote work due to COVID-19, we have been able to celebrate Dave’s hard work in some creative and delicious ways. All of our team members signed a digital book with congratulatory notes that was then printed and sent to Dave. Dave is known in the office as having quite the sweet tooth. So we sent Dave a gift basket brimming with treats from The Kawartha Butter Tart Factory instead of the traditional bouquet of flowers, which he seemed to love. In our own way, we wanted to honor all that Dave has done for our company this year and in the past 15+ years, too. Congratulations Dave! 

This year has been a team effort here at Charlotte and within the entire cleaning industry. We are grateful to the heroes on our staff like Dave who have risen to the challenge and allowed us to meet the demand of the pandemic, providing the tools everyone needs to make their spaces healthier and safer. If you’d like to know more what we are doing or to connect with one of our experts, please email us at