By Asquith Williams, Chief Operations Officer at Charlotte Products Ltd

I have a new favorite video that I’ve been sharing far and wide with my network. This simple to understand 60-second video from UNICEF gives the strongest, clearest case for mask wearing I’ve seen. Watching and sharing this video may be the most important thing you can do today to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Take a look:

This video is part of a UNICEF campaign to educate communities in India, the Middle East and North Africa about the importance of mask wearing in the fight against COVID-19, and how to properly use them and care for them. This summer, UNICEF engaged influencers around the region to help get the message out to communities across the globe. This campaign is part of UNICEF’s efforts to reach millions of people. And so far, UNICEF has reached more than 200 million people with material and information on COVID-19.

While we may not live in the regions UNICEF targeted with this ad, the message is just as important here in North America. As public fatigue settles in and politics gets a hold of the messages behind mask wearing, it’s never been more important to share the facts about public health. The simple fact is that mask wearing may be our best defense against infection with COVID-19. 

Here at Charlotte, we have been in the business of public health, with the goal of sharing our knowledge with our broader communities, for many decades. We know firsthand that trying to get the average person to digest the public health message and change their behaviors is challenging. That’s why innovative messaging that clearly communicates the facts is so important. And this video campaign from UNICEF is one of the clearest messages we have found. 

It’s only 60 seconds. Do the world a favor and share this video with your networks today, and help us all create a safer, healthier global community.