Charlotte Products, a leading North American manufacturer of professional cleaning solutions, announces they have entered their new Enviro-Solutions® Terrazzo/Concrete Floor Care Program, into the 2018 ISSA Innovation Award Program.

The Enviro-Solutions® Terrazzo/Concrete Floor Care Program is designed so that end-users never need to deep strip, scrub, seal, or apply floor finish or diamond grind floors ever again.

This program is made up of Enviro-Solutions® floor care solutions and diamond pad technology. It involves the use of three essential products:

  • ES35 Restorative Cleaner (one-time use)
  • ES36 Nano Substrate Densifier (one-time use)
  • ES37 Cleaner, Maintainer, Polisher (for regular auto scrubbing use)

Working together, along with diamond pad technology used with an automatic scrubber, these products are designed to help remove mild pitting, stains, and the wear tear that can occur on heavily trafficked terrazzo and concrete floors.

The program also helps protect terrazzo and concrete floors from stains, enhances overall floor durability, and increases floor sheen with regular maintenance.

“This [Terrazzo/Concrete Floor Care] program is designed to reduce labor time and costs by as much as 60 percent over conventional methods,” says James Flieler, Canadian Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Charlotte Products. “Because floor care can be so costly, this is a significant reduction.”

Additionally, Flieler says the program allows custodial staff to use their current cleaning equipment, another cost savings; helps reduce chemical usage; prevent slip and fall accidents; and improve indoor air quality.

“For these reasons, we feel the program is special and deserves to be entered into the ISSA Innovation Award program.”

The ISSA Innovation Award program is designed to feature new products and services from top manufacturers in the professional cleaning industry.  Entries are organized into five categories:

  1. Cleaning Agents
  2. Dispensers
  3. Cleaning Equipment
  4. Services
  5. Cleaning-related Technology, Supplies, and Accessories.

The products will be on display at the upcoming ISSA North American Tradeshow, to be held this year in Dallas, TX, October 28 – Nov 1, 2018.

To vote for the Enviro-Solutions® Terrazzo/Concrete Floor Care Program or learn more about the ISSA Innovation Awards program, visit