Upon us again, the time of year when the snow, salt and ice accumulate and track deep into and throughout our buildings and facilities.

Ice melters and rock salt will leave a white powdery film on surfaces causing the dulling of floors, damage to carpeting, an increase in slip and fall incidents and the corrosive nature of both will cause damage to door tracks and sliders creating avoidable and expensive repairs.

We have a proven solution, Enviro Solutions® ES83 Haze Away Neutral Floor Cleaner is easy to use with your existing equipment such as mop buckets, auto scrubbers and extractors. It is UL Ecologo certified, cost effective and leaves a safe, clean and slip free surface behind.

We recommend using this product over the long winter mops and even have 100’s of facilities using this product throughout the entire year with exceptional results.

ES83-4For 22 years, Enviro Solutions® has been our proven performing brand. ES83 will solve your winter salt residue problems, We guarantee it!

We are approaching the time of year when the snow and ice will accumulate on the walkways to the entrances of the buildings in the North.

To help clear the frozen precipitation, ice melters will be used.

Unfortunately, the ice melters will leave a haze on the floors and white marks on carpeting and entrance mats.

Not only is the haze unsightly, it increases slip and fall hazards as it becomes wet from melting snow and ice.

ES83_PIS_EN copyAs you know, traditional neutral floor cleaners cannot remove the haze, and if you use a traditional haze remover, most either have a very high pH or a low pH, consequently dulling the floors and stripping the finish.

A neutral-pH, EcoLogo-certified alternative should be used.

Some offerings are very effective cleaners for haze – as neutral cleaners – as well as great on removing pencil lead marks from floors and walls.


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