Jennifer Meek, Director of Marketing for Charlotte Products Ltd 

Our award-winning ALLORGANICⓇ USDA Certified Organic Hand Soap is now available in smaller, sink-side bottle to complete your facility’s hand hygiene program. These sleek new bottles are a nice alternative to our automatic, touchless and our manual dispenser system when dispenser placement is not warranted and is available with our ALLORGANIC USDA Certified Organic Foaming Hand Soap (ES41) or our Foaming Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer (ES42) or our ServClean ALLORGANIC® Foaming Hand Soap or ServClean® Foaming Hand Sanitizer. 

The ALLORGANIC® USDA Certified Organic Hand Soap Program was awarded the 2022 Industry Innovation Choice Award by ISSA in the Cleaning Agents Category. Not only is the product itself USDA Certified Organic, but our facility where the hand soap is manufactured is also a USDA Certified Organic facility. The product is the highest quality hand soap proven safer for human health and the environment and formulated in accordance with the USDA National Organic Program. This means following production methods that foster responsible resource use, promote ecological balance and conserve biodiversity. Only the safest ingredients possible are used in the manufacture of this product, which ensures the health and safety of all occupants of a facility and is critical in promoting infection prevention.

The ALLORGANIC USDA Certified Organic Hand Soap Program can be used with our proprietary automatic, touchless dispensing system to provide a comprehensive hand hygiene program that optimizes public health and eliminates contact points. However, some facilities may need to supplement their touchless hand hygiene programs with our sink side bottles. Other, smaller facilities, may not require dispensing. That’s why we have released a new sink side option in both Enviro-Solutions & ServClean brands that offers the same award winning  ALLORGANIC Hand Soap formula and hand sanitizer.

Used with our ALLORGANIC foaming hand soap, they provide a luxurious, rich and creamy feel for your building occupants with the health benefits of a USDA-certified organic product. Our premier hand soap formula is blended with rich emollients to replenish skin oils. It is made without phosphates or GMOs and is the only commercially available USDA certified organic hand soap. Now all facilities, regardless of size, budget or space can provide this award-winning hand soap to their building occupants.

Learn more about the ALLORGANIC® USDA Certified Organic Hand Soap Program, or contact an expert at Charlotte Products to get your questions answered.