By Jennifer Meek, Director of Marketing for Charlotte Products Ltd

We would like to welcome Americo Boza Troncoso to the Charlotte Products team. Americo joined us as our Director of Research and Development at the end of November. In his role at Charlotte, Americo will lead our R & D team in the continuous innovation of healthy, safe and effective cleaning products and technologies. 

Americo brings with him extensive experience in chemical product formulation. He has a Ph.D. in chemical engineering with expertise in the interactions between active chemicals, self-assembled particles, cells and microorganisms. He has deep knowledge of the elements of chemical processes and chemistry that make him the perfect addition to our team. We are particularly excited to see how Americo’s advanced level of knowledge and experience can help us to develop even more innovative products and solutions.  He most recently worked as a lead research scientist for Coltene-SciCan, a company that specializes in infection control in the dental and clinical setting. 

“Considering the health problems in the world right now, infection prevention is so important,” says Americo. “I am really honored to be a part of a team that is focused on helping eliminate dangerous microorganisms and make spaces healthier and safer.”

Americo is also a researcher in the laboratory of Colloid and Formulation Engineering at The University of Toronto in the chemical engineering department. He has presented at many international and scientific conferences and technical proceedings in the field of self-assembly of soft nanoparticles and possesses experience in chemical processes. Americo has published articles in many of the leading scientific journals, which are related to detergency and disinfection. He is also a reviewer in several scientific journals. Americo is a natural educator who believes in our mission of knowledge transfer as a fundamental aspect to achieve disinfection or cleanliness. As part of his role with Charlotte, Americo plans to contribute to such an important task as a way to prevent infection: a matter of crucial importance with the advent of new viruses and resistant strains of microorganisms.  

“To truly succeed at disinfection you have to understand the principle of killing or deactivating microorganisms,” he says. “If you can understand the reaction between the disinfectant and the microbe, then you better understand and follow the procedure, which includes the contact time, the dilution ratios and the conditions. The process has to be understood, and the end user needs to know what is happening for it to be truly effective.”

Americo is admittedly very dedicated to his research. However, when he isn’t working, he can be found enjoying soccer or trying to understand astrophysics and our universe.